Patient Story

Hello friends and family!
Falah would like to introduce our next patient story to you. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal is a 58-year old gentleman who worked as a technician in a plant until one day when he developed a painful ulcer on his right foot. This made it extremely difficult for him to walk and he had to discontinue his job. As a result, his son became the sole breadwinner for their family of four and his earnings could not make ends meet for their household, making it especially difficult for Mr. Iqbal to afford his medications. Eventually, he came to Falah about 3 months ago and our team has known him since then.
A few weeks back, Iqbal developed another ulcer on his foot for which he required urgent antibiotics along with insulin therapy for his long-standing diabetes.
When our members asked him if he would like to say anything about Falah, he said that he can’t say anything other than praise and that it is a great thing that Falah is helping out the unfortunate so much.
It is because of your trust in us that helping patients like Muhammad Iqbal is possible. We hope and pray that we get to do this and much more in the future InshaAllah.