Patient story

Hi everyone! Today we want to introduce you to Zakariyya from Mirpurkhas. He’s a remarkable 22 year old who has been battling cystic fibrosis for years now. We first met him around 10 years ago and since then because of your help and generosity, we have been able to help him.

You can help Zakariyya this Ramadan and here’s how:

CF is a condition that mainly affects the lungs and therefore makes them function at a suboptimal level. This means Zakariyya’s lungs cannot get enough oxygen into his blood and need external support. For this reason, the green pipes you see in his nose supply his lungs with a constant flow of external oxygen to help him breathe. This is the reason he can go about his daily life.

Buying the oxygen cylinders that meet his oxygen demands ends up being extremely expensive for his family and costs much more than they can afford. About 2 years ago, we gathered funds and invested in an oxygen concentrator for him but sadly, due to the heavy power shortage in interior Sindh, he was unable to fully benefit from it and had to continue buying more oxygen cylinders.

As it turns out we only need PKR55000 to install solar panels in his home that would allow for the machine to work 24/7. This would not only make a huge difference in Zakariyya’s life but also in the life of the entire family!

So this Ramadan, do your little bit and help us make the biggest difference in someone’s life. Message us on our facebook page or contact one of our volunteers if you would like to contribute.

Every contribution matters!